Aphesius ‘Stubbs’ Godwinne

A detached and nervous man, cold and unsociable towards others.


Ag: 35
Fellowship: 27
WS: 32
S: 35
Perception: 30
BS: 45
T: 43
INT: 30
Will: 39
Speciality: Storm Trooper
Wounds: 16
Fate Points: 2
Half Move:3 Full Move:6 Charge:9 Run:18

Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy)
Common Lore (Imperial Creed)
Forbidden Lore (Orks)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)

Quick Draw
Rapid Reload
Weapon Training (Las, Low-Tech)
Air of Authority
Hatred (Orks)
Nerves of Steel

Good Hot-shot Las Gun
Storm Trooper Carapace armour
1 M36 lasgun and four charge packs
1 knife
1 thermal insulated flak greatcoat and thermal-insulated flak helmet
2 frag grenades
2 krak grenades
Field Gear


Taken shortly after birth into the Schola Progenium, Stubbs has known nothing but training and the teaching given to him. Like all Storm Troopers, he is an accurate efficient soldier who would never question a direct order, respecting rank and skill. The only thing holding Stubbs back from rising the ranks himself is a complete disregard for his squad mates. He thinks other Storm Troopers are out to make him look bad and to scrutinize his every move, while the rank and file guardsman is incompetent and ready to turn renegade the moment the opportunity rises. This attitude only really manifested itself after a fateful operation where Stubbs was inserted into a regular guardsman squad, sent to recon Ork forces. The squad was ambushed in the night by a squad of Ork Kommandos, who brutally slaughtered everyone in the squad while Stubbs managed to escape, after being given orders to run by the squad sergeant. Although Stubbs would never admit it, he blames himself for the way the operation turned out. Stubbs is now paranoid and has a permanent twitch on his right eye, convinced that somehow; those Kommandos will come back for him.

Aphesius ‘Stubbs’ Godwinne

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